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  • The Federal Court of Canada: The official Website of the Federal Court of Canada provides online access to federal court decisions from 1990 through the present. The Federal Court has jurisdiction over all cases involving federal statutes and includes both a trial and appellate court. Users can access the court's decisions alphabetically by case name, by date, or by docket number. (outside link)
  • Supreme Court of Canada: Rulings since 1993.
    Maintained by the University of Montreal. (outside link)

Provincial Courts

There are no judgement databases for Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia.

  • Alberta's Courts: Judgements from the Court of Appeal, the Court of the Queen's Bench and Provincial Court for Alberta. (outside link)
  • British Columbia Superior Courts: Judgements from the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of British Columbia. (outside link)

Trial transcripts involving laws which prohibit sex work

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