(Excerpted from emails. July 1998.)

Hi Andy,

The paper was for an Economics course in Women's studies. It was written about '93 or '94, and i wrote it because i ws so tired of the feminist perspective on whore as victims, and heterosexual "fembots" as they were so fond of calling them. Meaning i guess, to say they are women who subscribe to a heterosexuaal brainwashing that makes them stereotypes of a male prescribed female robot who does exactly for the men what the men have designed them to do. Also the only ecomony i knew at the time was the underground or marginal economy, as i had never had a straight job at the time.

I wrote it for Michele Pujol a Economics professor who was basically driven out of SFU because of her radical politics. she was a person who greatly influenced me during that time because she alone encouraged and supported me in telling my own story and challenging the system and department. She was embroiled in challenging the status quo at the university on issues of racism in the Department of Women's studies, the sexism in Economics and Sociology departments, and was sued by a student for her somewhat infamous "Lesbian Walk" exercise. She died of cancer last year.

The name that I had used was a little quote from a former lover who still works as a dominatrix. She used to say that, "morals cost money, and I don't have any..." or "...and only the rich can afford them.'" So the paper was very glibly named "Morals Cost Money..." I may not have named it that if it was done today, but it wasn't and i am not in the space to think up a catchy title--oh well. I liked the tribute to her and her atitude.

I got a A+ as usual...

Tomiye Ishida
Email: Tomiye.Ishida@xtra.ca

"Morals Cost Money..." [Analysis]

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