Toronto 2000
Pride Day
Toronto 2000 Pride Day

Toronto Pride 2000

Toronto Pride Day 2000 was held on June 25th on Church St. It was a perfect hot and sunny day and the streets were swarming with more than a 100,000 people. It was such a perfect day that The Professor even found a hit of ecstasy in a tiny ziplock baggie in the gutter! He also brought his camera so you can see some of the people celebrating.

To get you in the mood, we have provided a couple of appropriate dance tracks. To listen to these audio files your browser will need a plug-in that plays MP3s, and you should close the audio window to each tune, before opening a new one. Enjoy!

The drawing is cropped from an illustration by Vancouver comic artist, Patrick Fillion.

Let's Get Loud, Jennifer Lopez
Let's Get Loud. (1.6 MB)
Jennifer Lopez
M.C. Mario Mixdown 2001

Bang, Robbie Rivera
Bang. (1.2 MB)
Robbie Rivera
M.C. Mario Mixdown 2001

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