Région Évangéline, Î.P.E.
Region Evangeline

Région Évangéline, Î.P.E.
Notre-Dame du-Mont-Carmel

The Evangeline Region was founded in 1812 by Acadians who had originally settled near Malpeque Bay on the north shore of Prince Edward Island. These early settlers established two parishes which, for a long time, were called La Roche (Egmont Bay) and Le Grand Ruisseau (Mont-Carmel).

The 1898 church and the 1902 presbytery in the parish of Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel were both designed by the Québec architect René P. Lemay. The 450,000 bricks that went into the construction of this third parish church were made in Cape Egmont.

Explosure photographers Heide Zelmer, Phil Flash and The Professor took pictures of this grand little cathedral.

Church and Parishioners in Mont-Carmel in 1912. (Musée acadien Collection)

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