Coyote, Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia.) PHOTO: Phil Flash, February 17, 2000.

Brush Wolf
Short Stories

Throughout history and across cultures it seems that the genus Canis has held an important position in the development of human civilization. Romulus,who founded Rome, and his brother Remus were raised by a she-wolf. And, who can forget Little Red Riding Hood, The Boy Who Cried Wolf or The Story of the Three Little Pigs? Whether revered or reviled, dogs have been at our ankles always, almost every place in the world.

  • The Fire Bringer: By Mary Austin
    The Bookshelf for Boys and Girls
    Volume III: Folk and Fairy Tales
    The University Society, Inc. New York © 1955
    pp. 338-341.
  • Stanley Woods Brush Wolf: An exclusive by Prof. Stanley Woods himself!

The Fire Bringer

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