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Brush Wolf (Coyote)
Canis latrans

p. 5.

Coyote threat real to small woman

Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

I take exception to the views of letter writer Roberto Carrasco, who shows not only insensitivity but an undertone of envy.

As a small woman who, along with her small four-footed companion, faced the horror of being stalked by a coyote at Fraser River Park last fall, let me assure you that making threatening gestures and shouting doesn't work.

I threw rocks, ran towards it, screamed, leapt about like a dervish, but that sweet wild creature looked on as if I were clowning for its entertainment.

Whe we tried to leave the beach it walked parallel to us on the boardwalk.

I have no doubt we would have been herded into the Fraser River and possibly drowned had I not been able to attract the attention of morning joggers and get their help.

I consider myself privileged to live among the flora and fauna of south Granville.

But I also realize that coyotes have lost all fear of humans, and presume nothing wll be done until a small child is bitten or dragged into the bushes.

  • Margaret E. Watson

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