Trailboys' Private Parts informtion package with condom and lubeSince September 1997 Trailboys has been publishing infocards on topics we feel are important to men who cruise for sex in public. We distribute the photocopied version in a package with a condom and lube in places where guys are having sex. Printing is made possible through the generous assistance of a local copyshop, and condoms are made availble through friends at several AIDS service organizations.

You can see the digital versions by following the links below. We have also included Adobe Acrobat PDF files for each, so you can publish them yourself!

Private Parts
Ever worry about catching a Sexually Transmitted Disease? Knowing what to look out for can help you not catch or spread STDs. Tips on how to get an STD test without giving your name to the government. First printing: July 1999.

  • privpart.pdf (Print as tabloid (11" X 17"), double-sided, trim and fold accordian-style.)

    Hot & Bothered
    Having sex in public places can be hot fun! But it can also attract unwanted attention. Hot & Bothered describes how to respond if you're harassed or threatened while cruising for public sex. First printing: August 1998.

  • hotbot.pdf (Print as tabloid (11" X 17"), double-sided, trim and fold accordian-style.)

    Pull Out
    Fucking can be hot fun, but there are risks. Condoms guard against most sexual diseases, like syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis B or AIDS. But it's up to you to decide what chances to take. If you are fucking without a rubber for whatever reason, you can still reduce the risk. First printing: September 1997

  • pullout.pdf (Print legal (8.5" X 14") paper, double-sided, trim and fold accordian-style.)


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