True Sex



MAX: Just so you know that my life isn't all work, work work. The last three days have been a bonus for frisky boys. Names and identifying information need to be changed to protect the identities of the innocent participants.

MONDAY, 12:30 A.M.

I was walking home from working at the massage parlour on Sunday night. I got two clients that night, cute one with no tip money (Fun though. I couldn't help myself.) and one not-so-cute and shy, who paid. At about 12:30 a.m. on Robson St., of all places, I was picked up by guy at a bank machine. (He was being refused by bank machines and frustrated, I learned later). Twenty-nine, he looked 25, real blond hair (light, and loose curls, short) a beautiful, almost hairless, fair, beefy bod about 6 feet. When he layed on his stomach for a rub with his Calvin white cotton briefs, his beautiful butt was "like two cantaloupes," to quote one of my favourite porn critics. Yum! When we were finished playing he said, "I guess I can go to the bank machine tomorrow. Sometimes you just don't know what you need 'til you get it."

TUESDAY, 3:30 P.M.

The next fun story is set in a suburban mall tearoom. Six foot, five inches? Maaaaybe 18, dark hair and eyes, lean boy. How should I start this? Hmmm. I walk into the washroom and pass these two guys in the hall. I score my favourite stall (I have only been there ... this makes four times) the one with the perfect view through the crack of the door, the urinals. Anyway this guy comes in shortly after I do and takes the stall beside me. He has on blue suede Nikes and green cordoroy pant cuffs. A short while later, his friend comes in and the guy in the stall beside me (the one against the wall, the most hidden -- perfect spot if you like the guy in the stall you can see through the crack in the door from the urinal) yells out to the guy at the sink, "Is that You X__?" They have this conversation about how, "Jez is staying at Jamie's right now and I'm staying there too. I'm sleeping on the couch and if you want to chance at Jamie you should come over like tonight. 'Cause she's talking about breaking up with her boyfriend. You gotta come over soon though, or there might not be another chance". "Ahh, I can't do her if she's got a boyfriend man." "Yah, but she's talking about breaking up with him, man."

I'm thinking, Great, the fags are stuck in the stalls (me and the guy in the stall on the other side of me) until these kids leave or we're gonna get beat up or something.

"Hurry up, man."

"I am, man. You hold it from Delta and you'd be sitting here shitting." They eventually leave. Boy is this a high-traffic washroom too, I don't just mean for sex, either. A little while later, the blue suede Nikes comes in is in the stall beside me again (the stall next to the wall). Now this is making me a bit sweaty. The place empties out for a pause, the first time in quite some time. He leaves the stall, goes to the urinal, looks through the crack, and then comes over, looks over the top of the stall and says, "Come out, man. Come out here and I'll suck you off." I sheepishly exit and stand by the urinal with him and he starts stroking it and sucks on it a bit, and then he takes my head and and starts driving his tongue down my throat! He is absolutely turned on by having me slip my hands under his shirt and feel up his back and chest.

He says, "I know a safer place, come on. Its a quieter washroom and I follow him, about twelve yards behind, to this washroom. Up another floor with office suites down a quiet hall. We neck and feel each other up and jerk off into the urinals.

He kept saying, "I want to fuck you on a bed. and I want you to hold me all night." Only two minor interuptions. He asks me to meet him here tomorrow and I tell him I don't come out this way often. He says meet me at Granville (the downtown skytrain station) and I give him my number instead. Still no word.


The Fruit Loop: I sucked one guy off in his car, nice thick dick, nice bod not much else to say. Then I wa approached by another guy, not really atractive but kinda straight-looking and not without some actractive qualities. He asked me for the time, then asked me if I like girls 'cuz he had someone for me to meet. She's back in town and she asked him he remembered when they got together with his friend and she would like to do that again sometime. Did I want to come to the car and see pictures? He shows me some poor quality polaroids of him a washed out eye of his friend and curvy girl with bleach blonde hair lots of makeup and huge tits. He starts grabbing at my dick and likes it and says forget her I'll be your boy and starts blowing me. I am quite aggressive about it which he seems to enjoy.

As I am walking home from playing in the park, this little Suzuki Sidekick, charcoal with spashy pastel stripes, drives by me and pulls a U-turn at the end of the street, driving by slowly this time as he pulls around the corner. The guy is young and looks cute, white baseball cap and trendy-looking (I mean, look at the jeep.) I walk around the corner and walk up to his window. He asks me what I'm up to. "Out for a walk" He asks me do I need a drive anywhere? We go around the corner where there is a dark parking lot on the edge of the park. Well, we left the car running to warm up, and well, a few times it was like Grrrrrriiiiiind of the gears (standard). And, "Oops! was that me or you?" We had quite a time each wresting off one shoe and pantleg, with car lights occasionally driving by. The horn beeped twice and the headlights turned themselves on unoticed by us, shining across the lawns and into some apartment window I'm sure. Turns out he's one the the couple that moved in a couple of months ago who have this apartment with big windows level to the lawn. They are both young and very cute, Bill and I noticed these windows as soon as they moved in. He's from Edmonton. I told him after, "You're a wild boy, not like the conservative boys here!" And he says, "There's not much to do in Edmonton."

This is all, of course, all in response to your question, "Do I think I the reincarnated Boy'd Macdonald?" Yes, of course! I just figure if I can have this much fun I should share it, no?