Fiona Stewart
August 20th, 1962 - October 19th, 1996

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Fiona's sudden death is a great loss for her community, and for the prostitutes' rights -- and human rights movements in Canada. In an article about "Jane Doe's" passing in the Toronto Star, Rosie DiManno does not reveal her true identity as Fiona Stewart, out of respect for her family and friends. But after the memorial and some discussion, Fiona's chosen family realized that Fiona would have wanted her story out in the open. She always wanted to tell her whole story and fought hard for years so that someday some justice might be gained for all her pain and courage. For these reasons, and with the blessing of Fiona's loved ones, this page is to be a tribute to both Fiona Stewart and Jane Doe -- a collection of both their accomplishments and stories.

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