The Walnuts

From 1983 to 1995 many people were at one time or another residents of Harmony House. Some of those people have passed on but they leave behind a trove of great accomplishments. "The Walnuts" is a website dedicated to these spirits, and to the spirit of 97 Walnut.

  • Chris Bearchell — Fierce Activist: News of her death brings sadness that is unimaginable. Chris Bearchell passed away at 7:40 am on Sunday, the 18th of February at Vancouver General Hospital at the age of 53. From an early age Chris demonstrated a deep commitment to the fight for sexual equality. Chris Bearchell has shown us the virtue in being stubborn. She was a true hero...
  • Micah — The Goddess: April 10, 1998 I said goodbye to one of my oldest and most intimate friends — not just someone I've know a long time, but someone truly venerable. The much-loved and pampered feline incarnation of the goddess, and sometime-demon-familiar, Micah died at around 5 pm...
  • Danny Cockerline: "Brilliant and reckless. Beautiful but insecure. Destined to provoke. Queer. But a queer queer; an outsider among outsiders. Danny was always ahead of his time in fashion, decor and politics." (Chris Bearchell).
  • Fiona Stewart: "Fiona will be remembered by her chosen family and friends as a highly respected, courageous advocate for accessible housing and victims' rights for those on the margins of society."
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