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Chris Bearchell's Camp Swampy
In January 1995, Chris Bearchell set out from Toronto to pursue her long-held dream — to buy land and retire in the woods on Lasqueti Island, BC. When Chris's unexpected death from cancer drew near, her last wish was for Camp Swampy to remain a resource, shared by her many friends who helped make her dream home come true…

Remembering cb…
The Chris Bearchell (1953 – 2007) Memorial Homepage commemorates the life and achievements of this fierce activist, writer, editor, organizer of Canada's gay rights movement.

Commercial Sex Information

An ever-growing resource produced for and by sex workers. Created and maintained by Andy Sorfleet, who now lives in Vancouver, Canada. Has a national and international scope. A well-rounded site which explores and explains prostitution and the law, sex, health, and history.

Committee to Unite Prostitutes! (CUP)
The name says it all, doesn't it? A new organization aimed at helping prostitutes get it together to identify common concerns and make their voices heard. Anyone committed to promoting sex-worker solidarity can join.

FLASH Vancouver
A new photo site by Vancouver's
flashiest photographer — Phil Flash!

Internet Explosure!
DANGER! Canada's hottest and hippest exposed!

Jane DOE
A site dedicated to "Jane Doe" — the women who had to remain anonymous while they took on the Metro Toronto Police Force. Built by the chosen family of the late Fiona Stewart.

Building with LOGS
A site dedicated to two people who taught me
a lot about hard work…

Rose Bud
With all this medical marijuana madness, it's time
for a little more cannabis culture…

Society Of Syphilitics (S.O.S.)
S.O.S. is dedicated to those of us who may have syphilis. If you have been diagnosed with syphilis, or have tested positive for syphilis, or have been treated for syphilis (successfully or possibly unsuccessfully), or if you suspect that you have syphilis but your test results are negative (even repeatedly) then you need to find out more this disease.

Stanley Woods’ Critters
To All Creatures, Great and Small.’ — A guide to the
animals living in Stanley Park, Vancouver, and the
west coast of British Columbia.

A web ‘zine with the theme of gay sex outdoors and other
public places. Explicit, sexy pics!

97 Walnut
An explanation of the origins of the Walnet site, 97 Walnut Ave,
Toronto, and some of the people who lived there.

Wheel of the Year
Calendar of the Celts — The beginnings of a site that
describes the various Celtic pagan holidays, such as
Hallowe'en and Winter Solstice.

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