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APRIL 20, 2013
Lasqueti Island, BC
Welcome to Camp Swampy!
    Camp Swampy Photos

  • Chris Bearchell's
    Camp Swampy

    Some Background History.

    (A brief description and chronology of Chris's endeavours and achievements toward the creation of her dream homestead…)
  • Some Kindred SpiritsEating Fire: Family Life, on the Queer Side. (Excerpt)
    By Michael Riordon, ©2001
    (Chapter features Chris talking about "The Walnuts" — her historic gay household at 97 Walnut Avenue in Toronto — as she begins building her new home at Camp Swampy.)
  • Remembering cb… (1953 – 2007)
    (Chris Bearchell Memorial Homepage features photos, news reports, eulogies, and articles written by Chris.)
  • Photos of Camp Swampy
    (Recent snapshots as well as historical photo essays.)
  • SW 1/4, Section 20: Location & Maps
    (print-ready PDF documents include arial views, topography, real estate, land use and the Straight of Georgia.)
  • SW 1/4, Section 20: Official Documents
    (Legal documents (in PDF format), including State of Title Certificate, Co-Ownership Agreement and BC Land Reserve Commission papers…)
  • About Lasqueti Island – Land Use & Bylaws
    (Documents and resources from the Islands Trust for Lasqueti development and community planning…)
  • Natural Area Protection – Covenants & Conservancies
    (Documents and resources from examples in BC where conservancies were created to protect natural areas in perpetuity…)
  • Camp Swampy Colour Sign (4.1Mb PDF)
    – Sign B&W Line Art (96Kb PDF)

Camp Swampy Maps

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Lasqueti Island, BC