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SW 1/4, Section 20: Official Documents

  • State of Title Certificate: Title No. ES55327 Certificate No. STC0027842. Registered July 11, 2001. (print PDF, 3.4Mb)
    ("This is to certify that at 05:38 on 25 May, 2006, the state of the Title to Land as described herein is as stated and is subject to the notations appearing below…")
  • 2009 Property Assessent Section 20, Nanaimo Land District, SW 1/4 Lasqueti Island, Manufactured Home Reg.# B16896
    PID: 009-721-207 (print PDF, 5.8Mb)
    ("Your 2009 assessment reflects the market value of your property at either July 1, 2007 or July 1, 2008, whichever is lower… 2009 value (as of July 1, 2008) was $722,900…"
    The 2005 Property Assessment ($302,400) is included for comparison, p. 2. Website:
  • Please leash your dog and respect our space.

  • Co-Ownership Agreement:
    SW–Sec. 20 –

    October 1992
    (print format PDF, 64Kb)
    (This 1992 Co-Ownership Agreement was signed by all the co-owners — twice: once when the original shares were first purchased from Harvey Fink; and again when Colin Legg and Drew Timofee bought Fink's remaining share. This is the only legal Co-Ownership Agreement ever signed. Therein Para. 9.01 states: "This Agreement shall enure to and be to the benefit of and be binding upon the Co-Owners herein named, their heirs, successors and permitted assigns.")
  • Addendum to Co-Ownership Agreement: SW–Sec. 20 – September 3, 1996
    (print format PDF, 32Kb)
    (This unsigned 1996 Addendum to the Co-Ownership Agreement lists Chris Bearchell as a shareholder, and therefore as one of the Tenants in Common on the State of Title.)

SW 1/4, Section 20: Agricultural Land Reserve

Camp Swampy Agricultural Land Reserve

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