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Natural Area Protection
Convenants & Conservancies

Chris held a strong interest in creating a nature preserve, and investigated possible natural area protection tax incentives. Chris collected a file on the subject of creating conservancies within the Islands Trust Area.

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  • Natural Area Protection Tax Exemption Program
    The Natural Area Protection Tax Exemption Program (NAPTEP) is a property tax incentive program designed to encourage landowners to protect the natural features of their land. It provides a 65 per cent exemption on property taxes for the protected portion of a property…
  • Habitat Aquisition Trust
    Established in 1996 by Victoria Natural History Society, the Trust can help register a conservation covenant (easement) on your land. This will protect it from future habitat degradation or loss.
  • Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC): Conserving Canada's Wetlands
    DUC has been committed to wetland conservation for more than 70 years. Up to 70 per cent of Canada’s wetlands have disappeared in settled areas of the country. Wetlands across Canada provide critical habitat for the life cycles of ducks, geese, swans and many other waterfowl species. But these wetland habitats also support approximately 600 species of wetlands plants, animals and insects…
  • Policy Manual: Islands Trust Fund Natural Area Protection –
    July 2002
    (print format PDF, 64Kb)
    ("This policy establishes how the Trust Fund Board will consider requests to hold conservation covenants associated with an application to the Natural Area Protection Tax Exemption Program (NAPTEP)."
  • Squitty Bay: Lasqueti Nature Conservancy –
    January 2008 (print format PDF, 160Kb)
  • Jedediah Island Marine Park Management Plan BC Parks Strathcona District, British Columbia Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks, June 2000 (print format PDF, 1Mb)
    (BC Parks Website:
  • Dan Culver Follow Your Dream Foundation
    (Private foundation to promote youth leadership programs. Formed in 1993 in memory of mountain climber, Dan Culver who died on K2. Instigated a fund-raising campaign to help purchase Jedediah Island and make it a provincial marine park.

Wells Point, Lasqueti Island

What is a Covenant?

Covenants are private contracts that place restrictions on land use. The covenant must be negative in substance, and the restrictions must either affect the value of the land or somehow relate to it's occupation. Heritage building protection, condominium use and neighbourhood consistency are examples of land use controlled by covenants. The covenant must be made to protect the land at the time the covenant is made. The covenant must be made known to a prospective buyer before the land is purchased. A covenant can be ended if it becomes obsolete, impedes reasonable use of the land, or if the covenantee(s) has agreed to terminate it.

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