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Safer Sex is fun.

And it can save your life.
Any man or woman could have the virus that causes AIDS.
There is no way you can tell if someone has the virus.
Many people, gay and straight, get the virus from lovers they think are healthy.

You can also get herpes, syphilis, venereal warts and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Some STDs may cause cervical cancer.

You can still have great sex and not get AIDS.

Just use a condom every time you fuck.
Latex condoms stop the AIDS virus and other STDs.


The only way you can get AIDS is by getting another person's blood, cum or cunt juice into your blood. It can get in through your ass or cunt, through cuts or sores, or if you share a needle for shooting drugs.

Fucking without a condom is very dangerous, even if the guy pulls out before cumming.

Pre-cum also has the AIDS virus in it. And if the guy has tiny scrapes, cuts or sores on his cock he can get AIDS too.

The AIDS virus cannot get in through your skin or mouth if you have no cuts or sores. You cannot get AIDS from spit, sweat or piss.


  • Always use a condom when you fuck. To be even safer, guys can pull out before cumming, while using a condom.
  • Never share a needle for shooting drugs.
  • Do not stick a dildo, finger, cock or anything into one ass or cunt and then another ass or cunt, without washing it.
  • Cover cut or chapped hands with rubber gloves before fingering or fisting an ass or cunt.
  • If you have cuts or sores in your mouth, or if a guy has sores on his cock, use a condom to give a blow job. A condom can be cut up the side and spread over a cunt or asshole.


As long as you do not get blood, cum, pre-cum or cunt juice into cuts or sores you cannot gets AIDS from:

  • kissing, hugging, and touching
  • sucking or licking cocks, assholes, cunts nipples, armpits, balls, feet, ass cheeks, etc.
  • fingering assholes or cunts, giving hand jobs
  • watersports (piss on skin or in mouth).

Even if you do not have cuts or sores in your mouth, you may still want to use a condom for going down. You can get STDs like syphilis and herpes from cocksucking, cuntlicking or rimming even if the person does not have sores. Rimming can also five you parasites and hepatitis B. Hep B can be deadly. Ask your doctor about the Hep B vaccine.


Use latex condoms. Lambskin condoms leak.

Use water-based lube (Lubafax, K-Y, Muko). Oil based lubes (vaseline, hand cream) break latex.

Putting a condom on:

  1. If the cock is uncut, pull the foreskin back first.
  2. Do not put lube on cock before putting condom on. The condom could slip off.
  3. If condom doesn't have a nipple leave a half inch at the tip to catch the cum.
  4. Squeeze tip when rolling down condom to keep out air bubbles. Bubbles can break condoms.
  5. Use lots of lube — especially for ass fucking. Add more lube often. Dry condoms break more easily.
  6. Guys, if you cum in the condom while fucking, hold the condom at the bottom, and pull out right away.
  7. Throw condom away and wash up after.

If you're afraid of a condom breaking, use two. Put a non-lubricated condom on first so the second one doesn't slip off it. Lube the outside of the second one.


If a guy cums in you by accident, squirt in Delfen or Emco foam.
It contains nonoyxnol-9 which might kill the AIDS virus.
Test the foam on your wrist. If you get a rash, try another brand.
It is not safe to use nonoxynol-9 instead of condoms.
You can use it with condoms. Some condoms and lube contain nonoxynol-9. Using nonoxynol-9 in your ass could cause irritation.


It only takes one shared needle to give you AIDS or hepatitis B. If you share a needle for shooting drugs, piercing or tattoos, clean it first.

To clean needles:

  • Draw bleach into the needle and squirt it out.
  • Repeat several times to kill AIDS and hepatitis B viruses.
  • Then draw clean water into the needle and squirt it out.
  • Repeat several times to rinse out the bleach. Do not shoot the bleach.
  • Rubbing alcohol also kills the AIDS and hepatitis B viruses. Beer and wine do not.


If you have any questions we haven't answered, call

(416) 924-5200 or (416) 392-AIDS

For free STD testing and treatment call HAssle Free Clinic:
(416) 922-0566 (women) or (416) 922-0603 (men)

Call the Prostitutes Safe Sex Project at (416) 964-0150

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