How "Oil Eats Rubbers" was made

"Oil Eats Rubbers" was first developed at Maggie's, the Toronto Prostitutes' Community Service Project. It was initiated by a call from a regular volunteer who managed a large escort service and knew many girls in the business who wanted to know how much damage the oils in chapstick or lipstick could do to condoms. Chris Bearchell researched and drafted a response to this question for the "Dear Madam" column in Maggie's Zine, Winter 93/94. A preliminary version of the card was developed from this article and then distributed to sex workers, who were in the business of massage, for feedback. the current version of "Oil Eats Rubbers" was produced in Vancouver for SWAV following the release of polyurethane condoms.

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Created: March 14, 1997
Last modified: September 23, 1997
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