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July 7-12, 1996

Cruz C., Hernandez-Tepichin, Griselda,
Silva A ., Uribe Z.P., Teran X., del Rio CH.C.
CONASIDA (National AIDS Council), Mexico


STDs and HIV prevalence in Female Sex Workers (FSW) in Mexico City


To determine STD and HIV prevalence among FSW and determine the more frequent associations and risk factors.


Prospective study among 1,389 FSW seen at an HIV/STD clinic in Mexico City between July and Dec 1995. A questionnaire with demographic data, sexual practices and other high risk behavior as well as a clinical history and gynecological exam were performed. Blood samples were taken for: HIV detection (ELISA/Wb), syphilis (VDRL/FTA-Abs) and Hepatitis B (HBsAg). Vaginal samples were obtained for Gram stain and wet mount and swabs were obtained for N. gonorrhoeae (TM culture) and C.trachomatis (IF). Statistical analysis was done with Epi-Info 6.02 and SPSS.


Median age was 27.9 years (range 16 to 60); 76.4% were single, educational level was low (only a few has completed elementary school). Risk factors associated by multivariate analysis with acquisition of STD's were: more than 100 different sexual partners per week, age older than 27 years, and being engaged in commercial sex at a very young age (<13 years-old). Vaginal candidiasis was presentin 14.5% (202/1389), bacterial vaginosis in 42.6% (592/1389) and trichomoniasis in 10% (139/1389). Hepatitis B (HBsAg) was positive in 0.07% (1/1389) and HIV in 0.14% (2/1389). 1.15% (16/1389) were culture positive for gonorrhea, 1% (14/1389) had serological evidence of syphilis, 8% had Chlamydia (27/1389).


HIV seroprevalence among FSW in Mexico City remains low in contrast to other STD's which suggests that consistent condom use is still low among FSW and their partners. This emphasizes the importance of integrating STD's detection in existing HIV/AIDS clinics in order to perform an adequate diagnosis and treatment of STD's present and thus decrease its potential as a cofactor in HIV infection.

Griselda Henandez Tepichin
Calz. de Tlalpan
4585 2do Piso. Col. Toriello Guerra,
Deleg. Tlalpan Mexico City. Mexico
Tel: (525) 528-4086/528-4848; Fax: (525) 528-4220

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