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  • Sensual Services — Adult entertainment business listings by region. 18 yrs. or older!
  • Business & Pleasure — Name registration, licenses, incorporation, municipal zoning & bylaws.
  • Income Taxes — Revenue Canada, self-employment, savings, investments, shelters & penalties.


  • What's Up? — Upcoming events, conferences, performances about sex work
  • Rights Groups — Sex workers' rights groups, networks and allies
  • News Clippings — Listings by topic and region of news stories about sex work from Canada and elsewhere.
  • People — Canadian Whore Heroes & Outrageous American Whores.
  • Whores in Art: — Great works of Art featuring famous hookers.
  • Bibliographies: Books, films and plays about sex workers.


  • Safe Sex Tips — Info about safer sex, STDs & AIDS prevention.
  • Medical Research — Research abstracts about sex workers, sex work & sexual health.
  • Health & Safety — How to reduce hazards in the workplace.
  • Violence — Research on prostitution and violence, "Bad Date" reporting and self-defense.


  • Legal Tips — Information about Canadian laws that prohibit sex work and how they are enforced.
  • Government Reports — Documents published by municipal, provincial & federal levels of government.
  • Analysis — Papers, essays, articles that consider the legal system's impact on sex workers.
  • Court Records — Transcripts from trials that involve laws which prohibit sex work.
  • Advocacy — Listings for law organizations, advocates & supportive lawyers.


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