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  • 2001 Biennial of art of Venice!
    The Comitato per I Diritti Civili delle Prostitute ( Committee for the Civil Rights of Prostitutes) is an association that was founded in 1983 by a group of prostitutes, which is still led by both Italian and foreign prostitutes and transsexuals/transgender.

    We have been invited by a Slovenian artist of note who will represent his country at the Biennial. We have accepted the invitation and we have decided to participate in the performance of a play that will feature the theme of prostitution. The intent of this play is to focus on political vindications and on the affirmation of the human and civil rights of those persons who practice prostitutions.

    Therefore, we invite you to send us policy documents, manifests, and charters of rights that your association have produced. Besides this there is the possibility to enjoy the participation of five (5) sex workers at Venice for three days in June, with paid expenses for travel and lodging. Knowledge of the English language and capacity to speak with the public and to cut a fine figure with the media is required.

    Also, we invite you to send us your subscription within the 30th of March, accompanied by a brief curriculum of the personnel of your association.

    Five persons from each of the continents will be selected from among the applicants.

    Please reply by either email or by fax:
    Comitato per i Diritti Civili delle Prostitute
    Tel/Fax: 0039-0434-646678

  • San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Video Festival
    At The Roxie Cinema, 16th and Valencia St., San Francisco, CA
    May 25 & 26, Additional Events May 27
    Sponsored by ISWFACE, COYOTE and Exotic Dancers' Alliance
    Festival Director: Carol Leigh (AKA Scarlot Harlot)
  • WORKING THE SCREEN: Sex Worker Films & Videos
    519 Church Street Community Centre, 519 Church St., Toronto, ON
    Tuesday, May 1, 7:30PM, FREE
    Sponsored by MAYWORKS: A Festival of Working People and the Arts
    An exciting, moving, and politically engaging programme of sex worker films and videos providing insights into the personal, social, and political contexts within which sex workers are struggling to work and live. Curated by French-Fatale Mirha-Soleil Ross. This event is wheelchair accessible.

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