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July 7-12, 1996

Castro de Batanjer, Erika, Coura J.R.
Oswaldo Cruz Institute, Brazil

Echeverr'a de Perez G.
Central University of Venezuela


An Epidemiological Approach to HIV-1/2 Infection Among Female Sex Workers and Gay Men of Margarita Island


To establish the prevalence of HIV-1/2 infection in both clusters; to evaluate correlations between sexual practices among gay men and HIV infection; and to evaluate the existence of female sex workers subgroups.


The study was done in the main tourist county of the island (02-12/94). Censorships of female street sex workers and gay men were required. Two questionnaires were applied: one to evaluate characteristics of female sex workers and other to evaluate sexual practices among gay men. We collected sera of 115 female sex workers (Z=1.96 =0.012) who were registe-red in the local hospital (RSW), 26 female street sex workers (SSW) (Z=1.96 =0.012) and 40 gay men (Z=1.645 =0.056). Sera samples were screened for HIV-1 and HIV-1/2 by ELISA (ABBOTT). Repeatedly reactive sera were tested by Western blot (Cambridge Biotech Corporation). Results showed that 3.6% of SSW and 25% of the gay men were HIV-1 positive. In the RSW no serum was confirmed by Western blot nor Liatek. RSW and SSW were different according to: "t" Student test for age (p=0.028017 =0.05), Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test for sexual intercourse/price (p=0.000000 =0.05) and for condom use (p=0.00008 =0.05). We also found in the gay sample a correlation between bisexual intercourses and HIV-1 positive result using Yates X2 (p=0.0216372 =0.05). We suggest for Margarita's AIDS control program better attention to street sex workers and non-safe sex among men, in order to reduce future chances of HIV infection to women and children of this area.

Erika Castro de Batanjer
Apdo Postal 738, Porlamar
Margarita, Venezuela
Tel:005/8-95-1727 Fax: 005/8-95-1726

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