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July 7-12, 1996

Torugsa, Kalyanee., Jenkins RA.,
Krinchai K., Kujareevanich S.,
Mason C.J., Nitayaphan S., Michael R.A.
AFRIMS, Bangkok; Thailand

Jamroenratana V., Kongkaew M.
RTA Medical Dept, Fort Thanarat Hospital
Pranburi, Thailand

Markowitz L.E.
Johns Hopkins Univ, Baltimore, Maryland, USA


HIV Risk Behavior in Young Thai Men Outside Northern Thailand


To characterize HIV knowledge and risk behavior in young men from Northeastern Thailand, contrasting their behavior with that found in Thailand's well-described epicenter in the Northern region.


Self-administered questionnaires were completed by 1292 Royal Thai Army (RTA) conscripts during basic training in November, 1994. This group, selected by lottery, provides a useful sampling of young Thai males.


This sample of 21 year olds was mostly single (70%) and primary school educated (75%). Recognition of major routes of exposure risk was high, although 50% endorsed one or more sources of casual transmission and only 25% knew that HIV+ individuals could be asymptomatic. Acquaintance with HIV+ persons was infrequent (<5%) and self-perceived risk was low, although 60% had had commercial sex worker (CSW) contacts. Chi Square analyses indicated that men who had relatively large numbers of CSW contacts were also likely to have other high risk partners, earlier age of 1st sex, and less fear of HIV infection. Condom use was more frequent and consistent with CSWs than with other partner types.


Self-perceived risk appears low as does knowledge relevant to partner selection, especially in comparison to regions characterized by greater HIV prevalence. Condom use has become associated with CSW contacts, but needs to be encouraged with other partners.

COL Kalyanee Torugsa
AFRIMS, 315/6 Rajvithi Road
Bangkok, 10400 Thailand
Tel: 66-2-246-0071; Fax: 66-2-245-0582
Email: rjenkins@mozart.inet.co.th

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