[health menu] XI International Conference on AIDS
July 7-12, 1996

Sanjay. G.
(Ngo - Hiv/Aids Intervention/Prevention Project)
Bangalore ,India


HIV/AIDS Intervention Among transsexuals in Bangalore:
Medico-Legal Impediments For Effective Intervention


To provide HIV/AIDS information/counselling/STD treatment and condom distribution among transsexuals in, Bangalore -- India.


In Bangalore there are seven families comprising of approximately 25 transsexuals each, they are a very closely knit community. After making the initial contact each group was educated on HIV/AIDS. They have ten times the number of clients compared to sex workers; Majority of homosexuals also visited them. They are at a much higher risk from HIV. They are distributed with condoms, and also treated for STDs.

Results: Evaluation of the transsexuals HIV programme after a year showed; a) 80 % condom usage among the community and the need for stronger condoms. b) A remarkable decrease in STDs.


The transsexual population have no STD treatment facilities, they do not have access even to the Government STD clinics. They have to take treatment from quacks thus persistent STD's. They have no legal status due to lack of voting rights, nor can they make any complaints to the police if exploited. The condoms supplied lack the necessary strength and lubrication thus greater number of breakage during sexual contact. They also take steroid injections to develop their breasts, these syringes are not sterilized thus enhancing the risk of HIV.


The status of the transsexual community needs to be given a legal status in India. This has been a key factor for their alienation and exploitation and their inability to access free STD care from the Government health infrastructure.

Sanjay. G.
Samraksha, "Royal Corner"
1&2 Lalbagh Road, 201, Iind Floor
Bangalore -560027, India
Tel: (080) 2238297

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