[health menu] XI International Conference on AIDS
July 7-12, 1996

Dinan Slamah (Khartini)
Project Manager
Sex Worker Program, IKHLAS Center


Developing Effective HIV/AIDS Programs For transsexuals Working as Sex Workers


HIV/AIDS Education & Awareness to transgendered sex workers community.


A transsexuals program targeting the transgendered sex workers reaching out to the transgendered community at brothels, back lanes, streets and homes of the transgendered sex workers. In bring discussions and retreat workshops is also carried out. This is followed up by meetings among peer leaders who come together to priorities issues and action. Media orientated discussion to highlight issues and to sensitize the public at about transsexuality.


Outreach is an effective method of reaching transgendered sex worker communities. 'fun' retreats/workshops allow them to consider and discuss behavior change. Peer educators allows for information dissemination to take place in an non confrontational manner. Increasing numbers of transgendered sex workers are determined in using good quality condoms. Increasing numbers of transgendered sex workers are switching from oil based antiseptic lubricant to water based lubricant. Issues of discrimination and abuse prevent transgendered sex workers from taking concrete steps in ensuring that their work place and their self is safe from HIV.

Lessons learned

Although the community was considered difficult to reach in AIDS prevention and care. It was found that methods of empowerment, peer education and the creation of a safe space were effective in bringing about behavior change. Rights of transgendered sex workers could not be ignored in ensuring behavior change.

Dinan Slamah (Khartini)
P.O. Box 11859,
50760 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 603/441-4699; Fax: 603/441-5699

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