Sunday, November 26, 1995

Moira MacDonald

Ryerson to probe teacher's role as hooker 'Review' for prof

Ryerson officials will "have to review the situation" after a professor's admission that he works as a part-time hooker, a university chairman said yesterday.

A story in the Saturday Sun revealed controversial professor Gerald Hannon's comment that he supplements his income by working as a prostitute. Hannon landed in controversy almost two weeks ago over bringing up his views on intergenerational sex during conversations in his freelance journalism class at Ryerson.

John Miller, chairman of Ryerson's journalism department, said news that the popular professor is also a prostitute "came as a surprise" and that officials at his university would "have to review the situation in light of this latest news.

"I certainly do not condone or agree with how Gerald Hannon has chosen to express his views or how he's chosen to live his private life nor does Ryerson," Miller said.

"This whole episode has left me sickened and I think part of the reason is it was his private life until The Sun chose to go after him," he said. Ira Levine, Ryerson's dean of applied arts, refused to comment on yesterday's story, saying: "Ive not seen the Toronto Sun and I'm not talking to you today."

John Gautreau, press assistant to education minister John Snobelen, said he was "not in a position to make a lot of phone calls" about the ministry's views on the issue yesterday.

Claude Lajeunesse, Ryerson's president, could not be reached for comment.

Photo: Head shot of Gerald Hannon
Cutline: Gerald Hannon: Hooker on the side

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