May 23, 1996

Ian Robertson

Hookers 'upset,' scared

TORONTO - Fears of a serial killer targeting female and drag queen hookers have made people in the sex trade uneasy about walking Toronto's streets after dark.

The shootings of drag queen Shawn "Junior" Keegan, transvestite Thomas Wilkinson, 31, and hooker Brenda Ludgate, 25, also shocked workers who help the female and gay prostitutes along Homewood Ave.

Keegan, 19, lived in squats and worked the streets as a prostitute.

Keegan "was a loving person" said Joanne Amos, manager of Pembroke House on Pembroke St., a home to gays, crack users, prostitutes and drag queens.

Amos said she saw Keegan about 45 minutes before his death. "He was all dressed up and looked great, really pretty."

"Angel," a female prostitute who works Cabbagetown, said "everybody's upset."

After examining photos of the victims, she told The Toronto Sun that Ludgate "may have worked this area."

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Created: November 13, 1996
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