May 30, 1996

Ian Timberlake

Neighbors knew his red pickup

TORONTO - The little red pickup truck was a familiar sight on North York's Westdale Rd.

Neighbors knew the driver as Marcello, who was always coming and going from the small bungalow where he lived with his wife and infant daughter.

He seemed like such a hard-working man, they said, shocked last night to learn Marcello Palma, 30, is wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for first-degree murder in the deaths of three downtown prostitutes.

"It must be a mistake," one neighbor said.

young wife

He and others said Palma moved into his neat-looking brick house in the Dufferin St.- Wilson Ave. area at least three years ago with his young wife, Rose or Rosie, and their child.

But neighbors last night said they never got to know the couple too well, apart from a friendly wave or a passing greeting.

"They were both so busy working," said Herbert Owen, 71.

One neighor said he believed Palma had his own air conditioning and furnace repair business. Another said the pickup, with a covered cargo box, appeared to be a work vehicle because he saw it carrying sheet metal.

Neighbors said the couple also owned a Volvo but last night the driveway was empty and nobody answered the door.

More news about the murders ...

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Created: November 13, 1996
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