June 7, 1996

Jeff Harder
Queen's Park Bureau

Go to John School, MP told

TORONTO - Tory MPPs are urging their disgraced colleague Bill Vankoughnet to clear his name by signing up for john school.

Vankoughnet, a 53-year-old bachelor, is charged with communication for the purpose of obtaining sexual services from a prostitute.

He can avoid criminal conviction by enrolling in a one-day john school, to pave the way for return to the Conservative caucus.

Vankoughnet has been sitting as an Independent since his arrest on May 1 in Parkdale.

"It's not a bad idea," Deputy Premier Ernie Eves said yesterday.

He said the hooker issue may go to the 81-member government caucus for private debate before a vote on Vankoughnet forgiveness.

Vankoughnet wasn't available for comment.

He is due in court on Aug. 14, if he fails to join john school.

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Created: November 13, 1996
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