The Honourable _______________
Solicitor General of Canada

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Ottawa, ON
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I, the undersigned, take issue with the December 20th, 1996 conviction decision in the Pamela George murder trial in the Court of the Queens Bench, Regina Saskatchewan and call for an appeal of the lesser charge of manslaughter in the conviction of Alex Ternowetsky and Steven Kummerfield.

I, the undersigned, further take issue with the comments of the Honourable Justice Ted Malone and call for immediate action on his removal from Queen's Bench. In this case, Judge Malone instructed the jury to bear in mind that Pamela George was a prostitute and that the defendants had reduced mental capacity because of drunkeness. Judge Malone holds responsibility to oversee due process whereby sexual history is irrelevant in law and whereby death resulting from sexual assault and forcible confinement may hold a conviction of first degree murder.

Judge Malone's efforts to afford the defendants their due rights have trivialized the life, death, and memory of a young woman and disrespected her children, family and community. Judge Malone's comments as expressed in instructions to the jury interfere with and detract from the judicial responsibility of securing a verdict based on law, and are therefore irresponsible and unacceptable.

I encourage the Solicitor General of Canada to note that Canadian citizens are not unmindful that the legal system and those who hold positions of power within the legal system are responsible to all citizens. The implications of the lesser verdict of manslaughter in this case are far beyond conveying a simple, insidious message that women especially Aboriginal women, are disposable. Indeed, should this verdict remain unchallenged, that message becomes case in legal precedent. I call for this to be addressed immediately in an manner that is responsible -- an appeal of the conviction on the lesser charge of manslaughter and the removal of Honourable Justice Ted Malone from Queen's Bench.

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cc. Ina George and Peter Sangwais

Please also send a copy of the signed letter to: Ina George and Peter Sangwais c/o 1136 Athol Street, Regina, Saskatchewan S4T 3C2

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