The Pamela George Trust Fund

Pamela George's brutal murder on April 17, 1995 left two little girls without a mother, Ina George her mother without a daughter and her sisters bereft of a sister. Life has not been easy for the family during the last two years. Ina, Peter and Pam's sisters are taking care of the two little girls on the Sakimay Reserve. Ongoing financial support is needed to assist the Pamela George family in caring for her two daughters who have been forgotten in this tragedy. The Pamela George Trust Fund has been set up to fulfill this goal. The Trust Fund is with the Toronto Dominion Bank located in Grenfell, Saskatchewan; Branch no. 7192, and account no. 109605. We hope you will consider making a donation for the family.

Sponsored by a coalition of groups:
The Saskatchewan Action Committee, Status of Women, The Immigrant women of Saskatchewan (Prov), The Saskatchewan Coalition Against Racism, The Saskatchewan Rep. for the National Action Committee on the Status of Women, Women against Violence Everywhere, The Saskatchewan Battered Women's Advocacy Network, The Congress of Black Women (Regina).

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Created: May 19, 1997
Last modified: May 19, 1997

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