I'm a Damn Dom Now
by Penny Hoar

I'm Penny Hoar
and I make guys sore
every time I go to work
I think of every single jerk
that's ever fucked me over
I dress men up like women
and I treat them like women
beat them, kick them
slap them, whip them,
make them write bad cheques
I do chicks with dicks
cause my dudes have been dorks
They pay me cash not to laugh
at their phoney gash
I'm a captive audience
though they're the ones who are bound
I can't make a sound
remotely resembling a snicker
because I have to be quicker
with the flick of my whip
on the tip of their dick
their frenzy mounting
while I'm counting
the minutes and the dollars
they holler for mercy
no mercy
take all prisoners
and beat their meat
with my paddles and my crops
making them hop
like trussed up turkeys
on a flaming griddle
squirming in their girdles
and panting in their pany hose
who knows what civilization sickness
makes me witness
this surreal spectacle
their voluntary hell
that is of their own making
shaking with anticipation
of my next blow
I know they have no shield
for the power I wield
The genetic girl
whirling my whip
on their rubberised hip
I'm hip
to them paying some dues
for putting the screws
to the fairer sex
All's fair in love and whores
and I'm no bore
I've an endless array
or cruel and unusual punishment
watching them drool
from the ball gag in their face
keeping pace
with the rising lust
in their heaving fake bust
the other day
I lost a dildo
up a dudes butt
no buts about it
he wants to be a slut
but he didn't anticipate
feeling women's inundation
with the eons of oppression
that has fuelled our depression
but he can shit it out
easier than we can erase the shit
of constantly being hit
for being allegedly whores
there are scores of righteous girls
that hear that name
before the fist comes screaming
at their ears
that's why I'm reaming
to wipe away my tears
at the years
of being skewered
by some dudes unconsious impotence
I have to try to smile
at their denial
of our inherent power
so I'll give a golden shower
from the orifice of the oracle
that can give birth
we don't need
their demon semen
we now have banks
we don't have to wank
the centre of their failing egos
ergo I go
off to better things
than bolstering their shrivelling thing

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Created: March 19, 1997
Last modified: June 26, 1999

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