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Nancy Chan: Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl

Outrageous American Whores

  • The Last of the Tassel-Twirlers, Bambi Lane. Chapter 15 excerpted from Al Stencell's Girl Show: In the Canvas World of Bump and Grind.

  • Tracy Quan's Webpage — Author of the on-line serial, Nancy Chan, Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl, Tracy is a New York call girl, a prolific writer and frequent contributor to She was featured in an Associated Press story that was published practically everywhere, starting with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Here is a listing of articles by Tracy Quan at (Outside links.)

  • The Official Homepage of Nina Hartley "My first screen appearance was in Juliet Anderson's 1984 film "Educating Nina…" Email:
    (An outside link.)

  • The Frontier's Fabulous Women, Robert Wallace. LIFE, May 11, 1959.

    "As soon as a cow town or a mining camp grew large enough to have a few saloons and a general store, prostitutes arrived from the east and set up shop. "First came the miners to work in the mine, / Then came the ladies who lived on the line," says an old ballad. They established themselves in rows of one-room shacks, called cribs, and often hung out shingles bearing their trade names: Spanish Queen, Molly b'Damn, Little Gold Dollar, Em' Straight-Edge, Peg-Leg Annie, Contrary Mary and others of more ribald nature."

    These excerpts are about Molly b'Damn, Julia Bulette and Adah Issacs Menken.

  • Annie Sprinkle: is a reknowned performance artist, author and photographer who makes use of her lifetimes of experience in the sex industry and in spiritual learning to teach others. Email:
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  • Norma Jean Almodovar: L.A.'s infamous Cop to Call Girl. An Artist, Poet, Author, Sculptor, Political Activist, Lecturer, Sex Educator, Prostitute- she is outrageous and outspoken. She is the Executive Director of COYOTE Los Angeles and co-chair of the Organizing Committee for the 1997 International Conference on Prostitution, co-sponsored with California State University Northridge's Center for Sex Research. (An outside link.)

  • Scarlot Harlot: That infamous San Francisco whore, Leigh has been working as a prostitute, activist and an artist in the Bay Area for the past fifteen years. (An outside link.)

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