Fiddle Festival 2000
Rollo Bay Music

Fiddle Festival 2000
Rollo Bay Music

Here is some of the music we heard at the Rollo Bay Fiddle Festival. (It took months to get our hands on these CDs.) If you like it, please, please support these very talented musicians, and buy their CDs. To listen to these audio files your browser will need a plug-in that plays MP3s, and you should close the audio window to each tune, before opening a new one. Enjoy!

J.J. (Jeremy) Chaisson, In the Genes 1997
J.J. (Jeremy) Chaisson
"In the Genes" 1997
Bear River, Souris
R.R. No. 1, PEI C0A 2B0

Rakes of Kildare set (2.3 MB)
Donna Warner's Scissors set. (1.6 MB)
Sleepy Maggie set (2.2 MB)
Names Escape Me set (1.8 MB)

Celtic Tide,
Celtic Tide
Kindle 2000

Shimmers (1.7 MB)
Blainie's Laughing Eyes (1.4 MB)
Frozen Fingers (1.1 MB)

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