40 College Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. M5G 2J3

Norman Gardner, Chairman

July 16, 1998

Dear Jane Doe:

On behalf of the Toronto Police Services Board please accept our sincere apologies for the pain and suffering caused by the attack and sexual assault committed upon you.

The Board views sexual assault as an extremely serious crime and we are fully committed to ensuring that the Service's sexual assault investigations and training are of the highest quality. The Board is committed to ensuring the Service is sensitive to the special concerns of sexual assault survivors and the potential for re-victimization through the investigative, prosecution, and judicial processes.

The Board is also committed to receiving an annual report on women's issues, which clearly includes sexual assault as a critical component. The Board invites you, together with all members of the community, to assist us.

Yours truly,
Toronto Police Services Board

"Balcony Rapist" case... [Fiona Stewart]

Created: September 3, 1998
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