Thursday, July 16, 1998

Letters to the Editor

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Apology to women leaves men out in cold

Re: Jane Doe gets apology -- city also says sorry to all Toronto women (July 10). What a bunch of phonies!

Our city politicians wanted to portray themselves as brave in admitting the mistakes of police and so they apologized to both Jane Doe and Toronto women.

I can understand apologizing to Jane Doe. But when was the last time that these supposedly brave politicians apologized to the men of Toronto?

If they were not hypocritical, and were morally consistent, the Guy Paul Morin fiasco would have been a good place to start. One of the key people who worked to convict this man was a woman.

Are there any questions going through our leaders' heads on how men accused of rape and murder are treated by police and women of power?

I have no problem with the political elite in this city admitting when they are wrong; I wish it had happened more often. But if they are going to do it, they should do it because it is morally correct. not politically correct.

Apologizing to women as a group is an obvious attempt to avoid trouble with the feminists.

Since there is no male counterpart, at least none that the bleeding-heart liberals care about anyway, the women get the nod, while the men are left out in the cold.

Makes you wonder how brave these people really are!

John Marinelli

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