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Chris Bearchell and I started doing political work together in the early 1980s, when she was news editor of The Body Politic and I was proofreading there. I lived with her and a herd of other queers in "Harmony House" from 1984 until 1993. She and I functioned well together as lovers, best friends, and co-agitators/activists/advocates in our mutual quest for the liberation (any readers out there who remember liberation politics? Over the years cb lamented, often and humorously, the loss of the concept of liberation and its replacement by "pride" [identity] politics). Chris Bearchell was a joy to live and work with; a paragon of patience, a wellspring of inspiration. Wherever she was, and regardless of was happening in her own life, she always made it her first priority to feed the hungry, house the homeless, caffeinate the weary, comfort the lonely, welcome with open arms the marginalized and the oppressed, and help us all express ourselves through the numerous publications she edited, wrote for and designed.

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