Dedication Ceremony

Fiona was also known as "Jane Doe" in the 1992 Junger/Whitehead Public Inquiry into police misuse of power. Fiona fought valiantly for police accountability and systemic reforms after being sexually assaulted and harassed by then-Sergeant Brian Whitehead. She struggled for justice for all, for which she paid an enormous price.

Fiona was also a dedicated housing activist and a founding director of Robin Gardner Voce Non-Profit Homes, a community-based approach to housing that envisions safe homes for all, especially women and children who have experienced abuse.

Saturday, May 30, 1998 at 4:00 pm
Robin Gardner Voce Non-Profit homes
525 Markham Rd., Scarborough
(2 blocks south of Lawrence)

The dedication ceremony will include:

Planting a tree and unveiling a plaque in Fiona's honour followed by a Bar-B-Q and refreshments. Please share this special moment with us.

For more information, call RGV Homes at 438-8331

(Note that the dedication follows RGV Homes Annual General Meeting, which begins at 2:00.)

Your much-needed donation to cover costs will be greatly appreciated!

Celebrate the memory of a courageous activist who fought for justice for all!

In memory of
Fiona Mary Stewart
1962 - 1996

Fiona Stewart's vision was of a safe heaven for all women and children, especially those who have experienced abuse. This vision became the driving force behind the design and development of the Robin Gardner Voce Non Profit Homes Inc. Her vision and strength will not be forgotten.

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