Blue Maxwell Award

The Blue Maxwell Award

Date: Mon, 29 Apr 1996 01:34:26 -0700
From: Bob King 
Organization: None to speak of
MIME-Version: 1.0
Subject: The Blue Maxwell Award

I'm pleased to let you know that you have been awarded 
The Blue Maxwell for your page. :) I'm sure you've never 
heard of it as I just invented it day before yesterday, 
but I did it to fill a real need. Most Web "Awards" are 
for popularity, or design, or sheer brute traffic. I saw 
a need for an award for old-fashioned courage.

Hence the Blue Maxwell.

I don't know if this award will amount to a hill of beans, 
but I needed a way to say a little bit more than "great 
page" in a hotlink reference. 

I haven't gotten you onto my adult links page yet, but it's 
going to happen real soon now - there's a major revision in 
it's future, so I want to do the  major link additions after 
I figure out where they should go. :)



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