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  • Chronic Benevolent Fellowship 1999 Award for Excellence: "Presented to Andrew Sorfleet, for his vision and dedication to the labour of love called www.walnet.org." December 24, 1999.

    Andy was presented with this book — Norman Rockwell: Artist and Illustrator by Thomas S. Buechner, Director of the Brooklyn Museum — as his award. Andy gained a keen interest in Norman Rockwell ("We share the same birthday!") while building a website in Rockwell's honour. This book, which features 614 Illustrations including 111 in full colour, was printed and bound in Japan under the supervision of Yoshiko Nihei by Poppan Printing Company, Limited. Design by Nai Yl Chang; editing by Margaret L. Kaplan; rights and reproductions research by Barbara Lyons. Published by Harry N. Abrams Inc., New York. Copyright 1970 Harry N. Abrams N.V. The Netherlands. All Rights Reserved.

  • The Blue Maxwell Award: "Most Web 'Awards' are for popularity, or design, or sheer brute traffic. I saw a need for an award for old-fashioned courage." April 29, 1996.
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