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"Who Would You Believe, A
Police Chief Or A Prostitute?"

This is an overview of events that led up to, and that stand out in, the Junger Inquiry. Is this an example of some righteous police work, or is this a stroll through the web of corruption that may exist within the Metro Toronto Police Force? You be the judge.

1981 --

Gord Junger becomes a member of the Metro Toronto Police Force.

JULY 1986 --

Junger wins the "Officer of the Month" award.

FALL 1989 --

Junger gets personally involved with the escort Roma Langford and enters the Business with her, using the working name of "Greg."

NOVEMBER 22, 1989 --

After a three-week investigation, Sergeant Brian Whitehead is arrested and charged with using his badge to extort sex from a woman who was working as a prostitute. Internal Affairs did not consult with a justice of the peace nor did they write an arrest report.

DECEMBER 4, 1989 --

Roma Langford goes to Internal Affairs to get counselling for Junger, as she was concerned about his attitude towards police work. Langford agrees to assist in a sting operation with Internal Affairs.

DECEMBER 5, 1989 --

Junger offers sex for money to an undercover policewoman in a room at the Sheraton Hotel. Later, Internal Affairs detectives search Langford's home on a tip from her that Gord kept hash in her house. When the cops find the hash, Junger admits that it is his. Junger is charged with possession.

DECEMBER 6, 189 --

Junger is suspended with pay.

JANUARY 19, 1990 --

Junger signs a resignation agreement with the force. The cops agree to drop the possession charge and to destroy evidence related to Gord's dealings with Langford.

FEBRUARY 28, 1990 --

The possession charges against Junger are dropped. Gord is threatened with charges under the Police Act unless he resigns.

MARCH 1, 1990 --

Gord Junger resigns from the force. No charges are laid against him.

APRIL 7, 1990 --

The story about Gord Junger and his activities appears in the Toronto Star.

APRIL 8, 1990 --

Metro Chairman Allan Tonks says he wants a full explanation of "the police sex scandal."

MAY 11, 1990 --

Brian Whitehead is demoted from sergeant to constable -- he loses $7,000 pe ryear in salary. He pleaded guilty to Police Act charges of deceit and corruption. The woman he extorted for sex was not given a chance to testify.

MAY 23, 1990 --

The Ontario Police Commission (OPC) sets up a probe to examine the operations of the department's Internal Affairs, and to examine the deal made with former constable Junger. The probe may also look into other workings of the Metro Police. This probe will become known as the Junger Inquiry.

JUNE 11, 1991 --

Roma Langford testifies to the Junger Inquiry. She says that Gord enjoyed the Business and that he wanted to make fast money.

JUNE 14, 1991 --

Gord Junger testifies to the OPC, claiming to having been "the victim of a major conspiracy to oust him from the force." He tells the Inquiry that he acted as a male prostitute once -- in an effort to appease Roma Langford.

AUGUST 26, 1991 --

Constable Brian Whitehead's case is brought to light at the Junger Inquiry. Clare Lewis, chairperson of Ontario's public complaints commission, requests 192 Internal Affairs files to be released by chief McCormack. No comment from McCormack.

AUGUST 27, 1991 --

The woman Whitehead extorted (Jane Doe) testifies to the Inquiry. She says she originally only wanted to see Whitehead off the Force. She said later she wanted to lay criminal charges against Whitehead but Internal Affairs cops discouraged her from doing so, stating she had a "poor criminal case," and that her identity would be revealed.

AUGUST 29, 1991 --

Susan Eng, chair of the Metro Police Services Board, states that Clare Lewis should have access to the 192 Internal Affairs files previously, Internal Affairs had been withholding these files, and Internal Affairs Investigator Mike Federico testified that his unit routinely withheld information about complaints of criminal misconduct by officers. No comment from McCormack.

SEPTEMBER 5, 1991 --

The Metro Police Services Board votes unaminously to release the 192 files to the Public Complaints Commission.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1991 --

Chief McCormack agrees to release the Internal Affairs files to the Public Complaints Commission.

SEPTEMBER 13, 1991 --

The Metro Police Services Board reveals their expenses for legal fees incurred during the Junger Inquiry. $282,000 had been spent on lawyers representing McCormack, the Internal Affairs unit and the Police Services Board.

OCTOBER 21, 1991 --

Sperm Whale is mentioned in the Inquiry. Detective Donald Caisse states that the Sperm Whale case was one of the three investigations began by Internal Affairs in response to complaints from prostitutes, during Caisse's term with Internal Affairs.

OCTOBER 29, 1991 --

Retired detective Richard Lundy, formerly of Internal Affairs, tells the Inquiry that Brian Whitehead should've been kicked off the force, not busted in rank, for extorting sex from a prostitute.

NOVEMBER 5, 1991 --

Superintendent Aidan Maher, former head of Internal Affairs, calls Sperm Whale "a dedicated cop" who has busted hundreds of prostitutes. In 1990, Maher directed a team of cops to investigate the allegations contained in Stiletto, the newsletter of the Canadian Organization for the Rights of Prostitutes. He also said that pros were unwilling to provide the cops with information.
  • McCormack apologizes to Jane Doe for the cops' handling of the Whitehead case.

So who you gonna believe?

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