Report of an Inquiry into administration of internal investigations by the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force

August, 1992



The Inquiry panel would like to thank a number of individuals for their assistance in connection with the conduct of the hearings, the preparation of material for consideration by the panel, and the production of the final report.

  • Robert E. Russell, now retired, investigator for the Ontario Civilian Commission on Police Services, who acted as a special investigator for the Inquiry.

  • W. Graydon Sheppard, who acted as counsel to the Inquiry.

  • Mr. Justice Blenus Wright, who was counsel to the Inquiry prior to his appointment to the Bench.

  • Cathy Boxer, executive assistant to the Commission, who acted as special assistant to the Inquiry.

  • Dora Goldberg, secretary to the Commission.

  • Christine Zabielski, clerical assistant to the Commission.

  • Gordon Hampson, senior policy advisor to the Commission.

  • Deborah Flak, who produced summaries of the transcripts of the hearings.

  • Cheryl Hamilton, who provided writing services.

The Inquiry panel would also like to acknowledge the contribution of the representatives of six police services who took the time to provide us with first-hand information on the handling of internal investigations and public complaints in their jurisdictions:

  • Assistant Commissioner Gerry Leahy, Royal Canadian Mounted Police,

  • Staff Sergeant David Matteson, Hamilton-Wentworth Regional Police Force,

  • Inspector Fred Prather, Edmonton Police Service,

  • Captain Thomas Callahan, New York City Police Department,

  • Commander Clinton Donaldson, Detroit Police Department,

  • Superintendent Gerald Furlong, Ontario Provincial Police.

In addition, Calvin Bond, instructor at the Ontario Police College, provided information on training for internal affairs investigators.

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