Report on an inquiry into administration of internal investigations by the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force



This Inquiry was constituted to examine the administration of the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force as it relates to internal investigations into allegations of wrongdoing by members of the force. Two cases were examined in detail: that of former Constable Gordon Junger and Constable, formerly Sergeant, Brian Whitehead.

The Inquiry panel considered the management, supervision and enforcement of policies and procedures for handling alleged wrongdoing by officers of the Metropolitan force, and has made recommendations that are intended to be corrective of the problems revealed through the course of this Inquiry and protective of the public interest and the integrity of the force.

This Inquiry was concerned with corporate practices rather than individual failure. This Inquiry was not concerned with the good character, propriety of conduct or competence of any party with a view to assessing blame or applying sanctions.

Our major concern has been to cause changes to be made in policies and practices that will prevent a recurrence of the mismanagement of the Junger and Whitehead matters. In particular, we have endeavoured to improve accountability throughout the system. We have also argued for a change in attitude -- the force be less defensive and the Police Services Board should be more proactive.

Internal investigations must be conducted in a way that is appropriate, just and fair and must be perceived as such. Victims of police wrongdoing must be given more attention and support. The discipline system must be as open as possible so that the public sees that it is working.

It is our hope that this report will have beneficial and far-reaching effects, not only for the Metropolitan Toronto force, but for police services across Ontario. Changes made in response to this report should result in increased confidence in and support for police on the part of the community.

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Created: October 1, 1998
Last modified: October 1, 1998

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