International Conference on Prostitution and Other Sex Work

Université du Québec a Montréal,
September 27-29, 1996

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From the organizers of

When Sex Works...
International Conference on Prostitution and Other Sex Work

Universite du Quebec a Montreal, Sept. 27-29, 1996

Information that have been given at the

Press Conference
Thursday October 10th, 10:30 a.m.
1301 Sherbrooke St. East, local 1436

For the first time in Canada, the conference on prostitution and other sex work brought together critical persons working on issues related to prostitution: representatives from federal, provincial and municipal governments; researchers; sex workers; feminists; police and community workers. As organizers of this unique conference, we invite you to come here the majority view on prostitution that ask governments across Canada to act on this issue with a new focus. There will be the creation of a new dialogue on prostitution in cities across Canada.

At the press conference, the Coalition to Decriminalize Adult Prostitution, with a membership of eight community organizations in Montreal, presented their recommendations. Feminists who spoke at the 'Feminism and Sex Work' also presented their positions on prostitution. Arising from the conference on prostitution is the declaration that is supported by majority of speakers and participants. This declaration, with it's call for action to the federal and municipal governments, is a statement that must be considered in light of the City of Montreal's announcement at the Conference, of its new task force on prostitution.

Present at the press conference: representatives from the Coalition to Decriminalize Adult Prostitution in Canada: Diane Gobeil from Cactus-Montreal, Michelle Busque from Passages and Josee Lafond, professor at Universite du Quebec a Montreal, Department of Sexology and director of Centre de Ressources et Intervention en Sante et Sexualalite (CRISS); Pasquale Navarro, author of 'Interdit aux femmes', speaker from the panel discussion 'Feminism and Sex Work'; Frances Shaver, professor from Concordia University; Pierre Hamel, from the Table interquartiers sur la prostitution, Sam Boskey, councilor for Democratic Coalition, city of Montreal; and Jean-Bruno Tremblay and Mini Alakkatusery, the coordinators of the conference.

Additionally, statements from the City of Toronto; Honorable Hedy Fry, Secretary of State for the Status of Women; and Ariane Emond, moderator at the conference, were read at the press conference.

For more information, contact
Jean-Bruno Tramblay or Mini Alakkatusery at (514) 398-7411


  • Positions of the coalition for the decriminalization of adult prostitution in Canada

  • Declaration of speakers and participants from the Conference

  • Messages from Francoise David, Ariane Emond and the Honorable Hedy Fry, Secretary of State (Status of Women)

  • Statement from the City of Toronto

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