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The illustrations in these booklets were taken from commercial and underground comics, from historical and modern satirical drawings, and from Australian, German, French, Dutch, American and Candadian sex education materials. These works of art are intended to enhance the effectiveness of this material in serving its educational purpose. The drawings show imaginary people; no real models were used. No character in any illustration depicting or implying sexual activity is under the age of 18. For these reasons the possession or distribution of these educational booklets does not contravene sections 163 or 163.1 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

A very big thanks to:

Atlas Studios, Chris Bearchell, Andrew Sorfleet, Sylvia Davis and Students Working in the Public Interest (SWIP), Kara Gillies, Julien Francisco, Matthew McGowan, Kenn Quayle, Tim Potts, Anastasia Kuzyk, Pauline Marianchuk, Danny Cockerline, Will Pritchard, Paul Aboud, Richard Redwood, Vic St. Blaise and Whorezine, Mickie, Zöe Lambert, Sandra Haar, Dauda Axis, Laura Jacobs, Ray Kuszelewski and the Parkdale Community Legal Clinic, Max Allen, Peter Maloney, Brian Hickey, Jim Monk, Beth Wolgemuth, Elaine Ayres, Michael Weyman, Jöelle Carroll, Codie Barrett, Gwendolyn, Gina, Catherine, Valerie, Dawn, Catalina, Burlesque Entertainers Against Lap Dancing, Burlesque Entertainers Alliance of Toronto, Sex Workers' Alliance of Toronto, and all the artists and colleagues whose drawings and cartoons appear (mostly without permission) in these booklets.

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