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Prostitutes Sell Newspapers!

The mainstream media love to run stories about prostitutes. Whether these stories are about pimps and juveniles or violence against pros they are usually sensational and rarely do they help remedy the tragic situations they describe (other than providing johns with information about prices and locations of strolls). Peddling stereotypes while exploiting people's misery sells newspapers. Now and then, though, a gem shines through. This section carries news coverage about sex work and any laws which might affect sex work in Vancouver as well as nationally. This area of the site provides archival media coverage. These newsclippings are not necessarily up-to-date. Donations of newsclippings from your area are appreciated.



This collection of newsclippings is for research and educational purposes only. Copyright for these articles belongs to the publication that originally printed them. Here are website addresses for some of these newspapers.


The Network:
Prince George Citizen:
Kamloops Daily News:
Sault Star:
Owen Sound Sun Times:
Sudbury Star:
Kingston WhigStandard:
Le Droit, Ottawa-Hull:
Montreal Gazette:
Le Soleil De Quebec:
St John's Telegram:

Canadian Press:
Calgary Herald:
Calgary Sun:
Canadian Broadcasting Corp.:
Edmonton Journal:
Edmonton Sun:
Globe and Mail: www.GlobeAndMail.CA
The Guardian Charlottetown:
Halifax Daily News:
London Free Press:
Leader Post, Regina:
Nanaimo Daily News:
National Post:
NOW Magazine:
Ottawa Citizen:
Ottawa Sun:
Star Phoenix, Saskatoon:
Toronto Star:
Toronto Sun:
Vancouver Province:
Vancouver Sun:
Windsor Star:
Winnipeg Sun:


Inter Press Service:
New York Times:
Associated Press:
The Telegraph:

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