Tuesday, February 1, 2000 8:10 PM EST

Minister praises child prostitute law

EDMONTON — Alberta's minister of childrens' services says the province's push to get child prostitutes off the street is working. Iris Evans says two-thirds of all of the children apprehended in the past year have stayed off the street.

Nearly 300 children were apprehended in the last year.

The law is called the Protection of Children Involved in Prostitution legislation. It allows police to apprehend young people who are involved in the sex trade. They are held in a safe-house for up to 72 hours and are encouraged to get counselling.

Evans says 300 children have been apprehended in the past year. She says nearly 200 of them returned to their families or entered other programs. The other 100 returned to the streets.

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Created: December 6, 2000
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