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Pamela George Murder Trial
Regina, Saskatchewan
December 1996 - November 2000

Steven Kummerfield Alexander Ternowetsky
Steven Kummerfield, left, and Alexander Ternowetsky. 1997 (Canadian Press)
In December 1996, Pamela Jean George, a 28-year-old mother of two, was beaten to death. Steven Kummerfield and Alex Ternowetsky were convicted by jury of manslaughter for the murder and sentenced to 6½ years each by Justice Ted Malone. Judge Malone instructed the jury to remember that George was "indeed a prostitute," when considering whether she consented to the sexual assault. The issue of consent was important in determining whether the young men should be convicted of manslaughter rather than first-degree murder. Ternowetsky hid in the trunk of the car when they picked Pam George up, so that she wouldn't know that there were two of them. She was beaten so badly that her family couldn't open the casket for her funeral. The manslaughter conviction was appealed by Crown prosecutor Matt Miazga. Kummerfield was paroled November 10, 2000, after serving just under four years in New Brunswick, because officials feared for his safety in a Saskatchewan prison where there is a large Native population. He is now living in a half-way house in Vancouver. Ternowetsky was granted day parole in August. You can make donations to the trust fund set up for her two young sons. See more about Pamela George…

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