Tuesday, January 11, 2000 9:43 PM EST

Parkdale residents use Internet to fight prostitution

TORONTO — Residents of Toronto's Parkdale area are fighting mad and fighting back.

They're angry about prostitution in their neighbourhood and they've gone on the Internet to combat it, setting up a website to post vehicle licence plates of suspected Johns.

A similar initiative was launched in Cabbagetown six weeks ago and residents there say it has been a success.

"Our goal is to keep the prostitutes out via the Johns. Our message to the Johns is if you're looking for prostitutes don't come to our area because if you do your licence plate could be recorded," said Lance Lockwood.

Toronto City councillor Chris Korwin-Kuczynski strongly supports the website initiative.

He said the residents of Parkdale, "feel very strongly about it and they've taken some action. We've been able to reduce the number of prostitutes in our community but there are still a few around."

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