Thursday, November 23, 2000

Marissa Nelson

Escaper from halfway house called 'extremely dangerous'

A man described as "extremely dangerous" by police walked away from a Hamilton halfway house last week.

Police are looking for 32-year-old Donovan McEwan, who also goes by the names Donovan Richards, Donovan Graham and Donald Francis.

Police said they believe he is either in Toronto, Hamilton or Kingston.

Detective Stephen McAteer, of the Repeat Offender Parole Enforcement Unit (ROPE) operated by Toronto and York police departments, said Mr. McEwan is considered dangerous and is "liable to seriously injure a person."

"He's a very violent individual," Det. McAteer said.

Mr. McEwan was released to a halfway house in Hamilton after serving two-thirds of his nearly nine-year sentence for sexual assault, uttering threats and procuring women for prostitution, Det. McAteer said.

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