Wednesday, April 11, 1990

Nancy Wood

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Commission urged to explain why officer allowed to resign

Opposition leader Bob Rae says the Metro police commission should explain why an officer was allowed to resign quietly when he was suspected of running a pay-for-sex escort service.

Former Constable Gord Junger, 29, was accused of running an escort service with a prostitute who was his live-in girlfriend.

Rae told The Star yesterday that the commission should "get its act together." He wants "a clear answer from the police commission as to why the decision was made as it was and how it was all handled."

The commission is responsible for policing in Metro, Rae said, and for what happens when officers get into trouble.

But interim Tory leader Andy Brandt said Solicitor-General Steve Offer should give the commission enough time to carry out an internal investigation and then demand a solid report. "I don't think this should drag out for a number of month," Brandt said.

Offer "can make a determination after sitting down with all of those that are involved as to whether or not any further steps are appropriate," he said.

Offer has already said it would be "premature" for his ministry to launch its own investigation.

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