Friday, September 6, 1991

John Duncanson

Public complaints body to be given police files

The Metro Police Services Board has voted to turn over 192 police internal affairs files to the Public Complaints Commission.

But it may be month before Clare Lewis, chairperson of the civilian commission, gets to sift through the controversial files the force has resisted giving up.

Lawyers representing Metro police Chief William McCormack, the complaints commission and the internal affairs unit still have to agree to some guideline before Lewis gets all the files.

Both the board and the police force are concerned Lewis may reopen some of the cases.

The existence of the files came to light during an inquiry into alleged wrongdoing by the force's internal affairs unit. The files were mentioned in a report made by former Ontario Supreme Court justice Richard Holland, who reviewed the cases and concluded that 138 of the cases should have been referred to the complaints commissioner, but were not.

After learning about the cases, Lewis demanded the chief hand over the 138 files as well as 54 other cases Holland had mentioned by Sep. 13.

Although the motion to release the files passed unanimously yesterday, board members were quick to express their hope Lewis would not reopen every case.

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